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Posh Med Spa & Wellness Center


"I am proud to live in Powhatan, VA and excited to have people from both Powhatan and surrounding areas visit Posh and see what this great county has to offer! So come on over and

Get your Posh on!

Deedee Karanian,  MSNA CRNA,
Owner of Posh Med Spa & Wellness Center and  Lead Injector


Get your Posh on!

What is Posh Med Spa and Wellness Center all about?

Posh is a Med Spa and Wellness Center devoted to offering you a multitude of treatments to achieve optimal whole body wellness, and beauty.  We offer Botox  and Jeuveau for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, keeping you looking as young on the outside as you feel on the inside!  We offer Facials specializing in different formulas for various skin types and needs, in addition to dermaplaning, and chemical peels.  Microneedling with or without PRP is available for anti aging skin results and treatment of acne scars, on face, back, chest.  We treat hair thinning and male pattern baldness with Microneedling with PRP as well.   We infuse IV hydration packages, with several different nutrient additives available for your needs.  We also offer Intramuscular vitamin and Lipo tropic shots (The skinny shot)  to boost your immune system, decrease fatigue and increase your energy, as well as increasing your lean muscle mass and metabolism.  Please inquire about specific and customized diet and exercise plans for you to reach your health and weight goals!  These customized plans in combination with weekly skinny shots are extremely effective.   I am proud to provide PCA skin care products, along with Elta MD skin care line.  We include a free skin type assessment and evaluation with every service provided; just ask us!   I am excited to evaluate your specific skin type and skin care needs and ready to advise you on a customized skin care routine that will rock your world!   Whether you are seeking non surgical aesthetic options to feel and look your best, or you are an athlete looking to get a strong edge on your competition, or you’re in a rut and need some inspiration back to a healthier you, Posh has you covered!  I look forward to giving you my 100% personal attention.  I love people and mostly love helping people be the best version of themselves they can be.  Let Posh assist you in looking and feeling your very BEST!


Our Team

I created Posh Med Spa & Wellness Center for you.  For those who have high standards and desire  health, wellness and beauty.  I want you to feel your very best and look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Deedee Karanian

MSNA, APRN, CRNA, Owner of Posh Med Spa & Wellness Center, Injector and certified PCA Certified Skin Professional

I am Deedee Karanian APRN MSNA CRNA; I have been a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist for over 23 years.  I graduated MCV/VCU Nurse Anesthesia Program with my Masters in Nurse Anesthesiology. They have been the # 1 Nurse Anesthesia school in the country for over 20 years running! I graduated second in my class, and won the esteemed Paul Boyan award for clinical excellence. I am very proud of that and I continue to strive for clinical excellence both as the owner and injector at Posh, and at my part time job at McGuire Veterans Hospital in Richmond VA, where I continue to practice anesthesia and give back to our wonderful United States Veterans.  I am also an Army and Air Force Veteran myself. I am an APRN CRNA, in addition to being an RN for 31 years. I am married to John Karanian, who has been practicing family law at Barnes and Diehl Family Law Firm, and is the co-Vice President of his firm.  We have been married for 27 years and together for 35 years.  We have 2 wonderful sons, Zack and William. We love spending time together as a family whenever possible. I enjoy racing and riding my mountain and gravel bikes.  When I am not working, I love  hanging out with family, and friends, and playing with our German Shepherd.

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Sherry Bales

MSN, ANP-C,  Medical Director

Sherry Bales NP,  graduated with her BSN from MCV/VCU school of Nursing in 1993.  She worked as a staff RN for 22 years, 15 years in the Cardiac Surgery OR and prior to that the PCU.  Sherry became an NP in 2015, and worked in pre-anesthesia testing for 3 years, before beginning work for the VA Hospital in 2018.  She works in the outpatient Cardiology Clinic at McGuire Veterans Hospital full time and part time as a NP and Medical Director for Posh.    She volunteers on a regular basis on sunday mornings at church, and enjoys serving coffee at the coffee bar to her church community.  She loves camping, hiking and gardening, and scrapbooking too!  But, most of all enjoys spending time with her family.

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